Work in progress!

Stay tuned – the MOOC registration will start soon! Our international team is working extensively on both, MOOC content and assignments for you to work  on :)

Registration starts from 1st of January 2019!

Looking forward to reading from you,

Erika and Hanna

3rd Partnermeeting in Ostrava

From December 5th to December 7th the 3rd Partnermeeting on ELIC took place. 


As you can see, we had a good time visiting the automotive lab, however…

Despite all the christmas spirit Ostrava offered us, we managed to spent two days hard working both on the project itself and on the upcoming MOOC.

The partners were presenting their prepared contents and we discussed a lot about the MOOC structure and the assignments for the incoming MOOC learners. 

Very helpful in this case were the constructive feedback from the teachers who attended the meeting. 

And at last I as a going to be moderator in this MOOC could talk about my approach of online learning and optimizing MOOC contents.

All in all it was a great pleasure to work together with all the partners and hearing about how the did while working on ELIC on the past few weeks.

So stay tuned for where the automotive adventure is going to take us. 

The ELIC MOOC is about to land

Hello to you conqueros of the net, who already made their way to this page.

In a few weeks the ELIC MOOC is going to take place here. To be exact you can learn in this MOOC from February 3rd 2019 up to March 16th 2019. 

In this picture you can already see Hanna and me working upon our MOOC site and all getting exciting about being your moderators from February on.

Next week we’re traveling to Ostrava for a Project Partner Meeting and we are going to work on learning content, so stay tuned for the next steps!

Have a nice week!

Hanna & Erika