The ELIC-MOOC goes on!

Dear learners,

firstly, thank you so much for your active participation in the MOOC, for your feedback and also your endurance to stay here over all 6 weeks of the MOOC! 👍

We hope you enjoyed the experience of learning together with colleagues spread all over Europe.

Some good news: The MOOC goes on! The forum will still be open for discussion, and we would be happy if you share some of your experiences in classroom with MOOC material with us.

Further, thanks to those who already evaluated the MOOC! This helps a lot to further improve for upcoming courses. And we would be very happy if some more of you could do the Assignment 6.2 – Evaluation of the MOOC. Thank you! 😎

Do not forget to get your certificate!

All the best, Hanna

One must leave

…on a high note…

Dear Learners!

Like all good things our MOOC draws to a close.

Still new comments on assignments are coming in and it is a little hard for our team to let go of you all.

However one last thing we gathered together some interesting links, tools and portals and put them together for you.

Please help yourself with our TOOLBOX.

I hope you gained a lot from our MOOC and many of you are taking the certificate!

Best regards