And now take some time

Dear Learners!

Time is running. Did you guys see? Trees are blooming again, nature is rising one more time. Despite of us harming this world it still shows us its beautiful colors.

We’ve heard many things from engineering literacies up to combustion engines leading us to new technologies of engines and the role of KIs in our near future.

Welcome to week 6 – our final week! Take a tour with us back to where we started and think about what you gained from your time here and what of the contents you learned here are valuable for your future.

I myself will plant some strawberries this sunday and hope you all enjoy your weekends!



When you think about…

Dear Learners!

I hope you are all good. Tim did upload the assignments for the current week.

Did you guys check the slides and videos about this weeks’ topics? I spent some time about sustainable energy management an to what solution it will lead us.

Selfdriving cars can have some impact here, cause it is said that the technology has potential on reducing emissions.

However when we talk about selfdrifing cars we end the road at cybersecurity and cybersecurity is some tough topic. Because the technology is so rapidly changing it is very intense for automotive engineering companies.

Head on the assignments to get into some interesting discussions there.

I read you there!




Hey Learners!

No we’re not at the end of our MOOC. There is still plenty for you to learn and experience. But I mean something different.

Did you notice some first signs of spring in your area? Here are some from my garden.

We experienced a very warm and nice weekend here over Graz. Some of you may have noticed that the contents of week 5 are already visible.

If you guys are still working on the assignments of week 4 don’t worry, at the moment there are no assignments for week 5 online. :)

I’m looking forward reading from you guys on the course of the coming week!