About the project

The Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project “ELIC – Engineering Literacy Online” was born to transfer technical knowledge and to increase engineering literacy to ensure the availability of the right engineering skills – and supports thereby a major concern of the European Commission and the Parliament (Strategy 2020 – Agenda for new skills and jobs)

Through the implementation of the ELIC-MOOC the project seeks to improve and transfer technical skills of natural sciences teachers and as a consequence motivates pupils to engage with engineering – thereby their eingineering literacy will improve intrinsically.

The project consortium

The project consortium is a partnership of 3 university partners, two training partners and three school partners from four European countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy)

FH JOANNEUM Gesellschaft mbH (University Partner – Austria)

TU Ostrava (University Partner – Czech Republic)

HS Düsseldorf (University Partner – Germany)

Cooperativa Cramars (Training Partner – Italy)

ISCN (Training Partner – Austria)

Isis Fermo Solari (School Partner – Italy)

BRG Kepler (School Partner – Austria)

Pascal Gymnasium Grevenbroich (School Partner – Germany)

You will find more information on the project and the consortium on our website www.elic.fh-joanneum.at and make sure to follow us on facebook!