How to learn

With this MOOC we, the ELIC team, aim to support learning processes in a diverse, international online group. Our experts/facilitators for the six weeks will provide different types of materials, questions for discussion and tasks to fulfill (e-tivities) with respect to the topics of the week. The moderators/conveners will support you to become an active online learner who collaborates with others to complete the tasks and who shares his or her learning experiences on the web.

Our philosophy

… is based on the principles of connectivism:

  • Autonomy to make your own choices and be in control of your learning, to learn what is important for you and in which extent,
  • Diversity with respect to your experience, your interests and where you are coming from – as well as the diverse experiences and interests of the experts, diverse resources (of learners and experts),
  • Interactivity to give you the opportunity to engage with different learners from the participating countries
  • and openness to everybody who is interested into our MOOC and open to share. In this MOOC you don’t need a password to contribute.


The moderators/conveners will support you – see their suggestions:

  • If possible, proceed as the MOOC proceeds and be active when the others are active (it’s easier this way),
  • Don’t aim to read or watch everything, fulfill each task but choose what is of interest to you,
  • Try to communicate online with other learners and don’t be afraid of writing in english, nobody’s english is perfect.