What to learn

The Engineering Literacy (ELIC) MOOC is an open educational resource (OER) aimed at secondary school teachers of science,technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects.

This MOOC provides a didactical and content toolbox for teachers which should help them to develop an engineering mindset amongst pupils aged 15-18 and increase their interest in engineering professions. Examples and experiments taken from automotive engineering are linked to content from different STEM subjects to show how knowledge of natural and technical sciences can be applied to real-world engineering problems.  

This course consists of 6 modules and will run over a 6-week period. Each week, the facilitators will provide learning materials and tasks (e-tivities). The moderators or conveners will monitor the online learning process and actively support learners.

After the 6 weeks of the ELIC-MOOC, all learning materials (videos, presentations, e-tivities) will stay online for you.

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