Light at the end of the tunnel!

Hi guys!

I understand how hard it is to find some time during busy days and take on further education, so please accept my honor to all of you, the participants in the course!!! Well done. Continuous learning is the only way how to keep in touch with the latest development in this technology world. Especially, when you’re teacher. As Steve Jobs once said: “ Stay hungry, stay foolish” 🙂

Thanks to everyone for your comments, it is a valuable feedback to us and gives us the opportunity to improve.

So, today is Friday and our week with Battery & Lighting Systems is coming to an end.

I have good news for you! I’m glad to announce you that the Lighting Systems presentations are available!

So, are you ready for lighting systems?

Daniel – facilitator of week 4

Hello? Learners?

Hey all!

Do you sometimes have the feeling of not doing things? Not at all? Sometimes you have this feeling from the very moment you’ll open up your eyes in the morning.

I moderated many online groups in the past and I know the stage when online groups suddenly fall asleep – just like sleeping beauty. 🙂

The right moment will come…

It is ok to slow down a little bit and gather energy and motivation again. Daniel and Tomas are ready for your contributions and they can’t wait to get into discussion and interaction with you.

I browsed through the slides myself and I really like the little quizzes the two put in there. So allow yourselves a little lazy time – but keep in mind – Tomas and Daniel are exclusively this week here for your questions.

See you guys around!

Best Erika

Full of energy!

Tomas and Daniel are ready for week 4!

Did you guys enjoy week 3? I think Herbert and Wolfgang did a pretty good job explaining the combustion engine. Now even I know how my cars function – well somehow I think I do…;)

However from reading all your comments – all in all we wrote 62 comments only in week 3 – so this is a rather active community – I’m so proud of you guys. It is very interesting to read through your comments and your many different thoughts about the chances and challenges of transportation and usage of fossil fuels in the near future.

So I think Tomas and Daniel are perfect to tell you some stuff about batteries, I already skimmed through their presentations and I’m looking forward to your reactions on the material and their questions for you.

See you on Week 4! Enjoy your sunday!